Artist Statement

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My work deals with ever-changing and evolving topics and concepts. Having grown up in rural Southern Ontario and moving to downtown Toronto to pursue formal education and a career in photography, my earlier work dealt primarily with how I viewed the differences in rural and urban spaces and my relationship to each. From environments, the primary focus of my work then shifted to people and storytelling, with work that expresses ideas about the subjects of my work and tells stories about those people, allowing for full orchestration of the subjects and scenes photographed, based on the information offered by the subjects and other contributors. I use environments, subjects, props, light and colour, among other elements, to tell stories and express emotions through my imagery in a way that connects with the viewer.

In 2013, my interest in storytelling has developed in other art media, including video and audio, namely my podcast, These Stories (Don't Mean Anything), which allows me to retell the stories of others' experiences through a tightly edited audio piece, complete with music and sound design to draw listeners in and connect with the storyteller.