The Frumpy Dog

The Frumpy Dog is a project a group of friends and I began purely for fun. We decided to dress our favourite pup up in costumes and pose her to take on a character in appropriate environments. The first batch of images from this project became a calendar. The project evolved in the form of greeting cards and are available for purchase at

The "Talent" || Calypso
Executive Animal Wrangler || Cassan Greco
Sassy Social Media Maven || Meredith Koehler
Chief of Puppy Productions || Katie Yantzi

The Frumpy Dog wearing a bikini on the beach The Frumpy Dog sick in bed with a thermometer in mouth The Frumpy Dog as a student, reading a book in front of a school The Frumpy Dog as a firefighter by a hydrant in front of a fire station
The Frumpy Dog laying in a bed of roses, American Beauty parody The Frumpy Dog with a bunny rabbit in Easter Baskets, surrounded by colourful Easter Eggs. The Frumpy Dog dressed up in a ghost costume for Halloween The Frumpy Dog dressed as a reindeer in front of a fireplace at Christmas
The Frumpy Dog knitting as an old lady The Frumpy Dog dressed up as a pirate The Frumpy Dog looking regal, dressed as Queen Victoria The Frumpy Dog working out in this fitness-themed photo
The Frumpy Dog baking cupcakes in the kitchen The Frumpy Dog listens to records and eats watermelon at a picnic at the park The Frumpy Dog is working like a dog at the office with a tie and glasses The Frumpy Dog is a lumberjack in this fall photo of her chopping wood with an axe

Saved by the Beach