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Wedding photography, to me, isn't just about creating a handful of stunning images. The magic of photography is the way it can draw us into a moment and allow us to relive a second, an hour, or a day of our lives, all without any words or sounds. I think of each wedding day as a story; a collection of moments both big and spectacular, and small or seemingly mundane. I aim to capture what makes each big and small moment special - the light, the movement, the emotion. I think about my photographs as a way to explain to somebody who wasn't there exactly what each part of the day both looked and felt like. When those images are then assembled together, they play off each other to create a complete story.

Because storytelling is such an important part of how I approach wedding photography, it's important that I display my photos in individual wedding stories. Navigate through each wedding to see a highlight reel of the story of that wedding. Allow yourself to become immersed in the narrative and the emotions of each wedding. If you can FEEL something while looking at a photo of a stranger's special day, imagine how amplified the experience will be when you're looking through your own wedding photos. It's truly magical.

"He is a true artist and you will not regret having him as part of your wedding. The photos he delivered are exceptional and they really showcase our entire day."
"I trusted Ben wholeheartedly to capture us on our wedding day and was not disappointed. Ben is a true professional, he's a calming presence that fits right into the family. He has a miraculous ability to capture people at their very best and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him."
"My husband & I went into our engagement photos feeling nervous, but because of Ben's skilled direction and calm presence, we had such a fun time and it all felt very natural - lending to more candid, genuine, and natural photos that capture the nature of our relationship."