The Right Photographer Will Make You Look and Feel Your Very Best

You deserve photos of yourself that you will want to share with everyone - photos that make you smile, because when you look at them, you see confidence, authentic love and genuine joy. You see the things you aspire to be and feel on a daily basis. You see you and your loved ones at your very best; your favourite memories, frozen in time, forever.

I feel my most confident when I’m behind a camera, creating breathtaking images that I know my clients will cherish for a lifetime. I don’t always feel like such a rockstar when a camera is pointing back at me - I freeze up a bit. I have a mini flashback to school picture day, feeling stiff and contorted like a mannequin into a pose that never felt like me. I get how intimidating it can be to be photographed and I'm very conscious of this when working with my clients. I will guide you through the process so you'll feel relaxed and confident each step of the way.

For me, photography is a powerful way to tell stories, express emotion and document moments. While I’m always striving to create unique, beautiful images, telling stories through photographs is what drives my passion to create. I approach every assignment as a challenge to shape a narrative, express genuine feelings and record both large and small details. I get an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, when my clients tell me how much they love their photos and it drives me to continue to grow as an artist.


Ben Lariviere Photography, photo by Caitlin Free My name is Ben Lariviere. I’m a full-time photographer, currently living in Kitchener, Ontario with my wife Kat, our three adorable, but mischievous cats and our unreasonably cute son, Rylan. I studied Photography at Ryerson University and I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. Raised in the rural Ontario town of Baden, I always had an interest in art and storytelling, but struggled, for many years, to feel like I was good enough or creative enough to call myself an artist. It wasn't until I began to experiment with photography in high school that I felt that I had finally discovered my medium.

While studying fine art and photography at Ryerson, I began freelancing in 2009. Shortly after graduation, I jumped into photography on a full-time basis in 2012, specializing in wedding & lifestyle portrait photography, working primarily in Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo. I’m always looking to grow and gain new experiences within the world of photography. I’ve begun to dip my toes into commercial photography, creating marketing imagery for businesses and I’d love to one day create images for major commercial advertising campaigns.

2018 was a pivotal year. Kat and I welcomed our baby boy, Rylan, to our family. Life. Changed. Drastically. What hasn't changed is my passion of photographing awesome couples, families and authentic moments and relationships. The last 10 years of working in professional portraiture has flown by. I'm always challenging myself to learn and grow my craft because I love that I can tell a story through images that allow couples and families to relive their precious memories.

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In the most intense experience of my life, Rylan Mateo Connor Lariviere was born on the morning of Saturday, September 22nd. He's a pretty awesome human, for a poop machine who cries so loud I can barely hear myself think. 😉 Baby Bear and Mama Bear are both healthy, though recovering from a rough few days. Props to Kat for showing an incredible amount of strength and love through all of this 😍. #RylanMateo #proudpapabear

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When I'm not making people go from feeling uncomfortable to having fun in front of my lens, you can find me: drinking all of the coffee, watching thoroughly entertaining, yet truly trash TV shows, paying extra for guac, or sampling craft beers while playing board games with friends.

Please feel free to reach out, whether just to say hello or to discuss how we can work together. Whether you’re interested in working with me, or just following both my personal and professional journey on social media, please connect with me!

Values & Inclusivity

Ben Lariviere Photography has always been and will always be an inclusive space for all. In both my business and in my personal life, I'm committed to always being accepting and respectful to others, including clients, subcontractors and colleagues, no matter their race, religion, how they identify or who they love. Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable, including unequal treatment based on age, ethnicity, disabilities or body type. I stand up to injustice & bigotry and I will only support, partner with and recommend other businesses who share those same values; including my second photographers, businesses with which I share images and creating teams for styled shoots or other projects. Ben Lariviere Photography is a safe space and all are welcome.