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Ben Lariviere Photography, photo by Max Wong

Kitchener Photographer, Ben Lariviere

The Right Photographer Will Help You to
Look and Feel Your Very Best

You deserve photos of yourself that you will want to share with everyone - photos that make you smile because when you look at them, you see confidence, authentic love, and genuine joy. You see the things you aspire to be and feel. You see you and your loved ones at your very best; your favourite memories, frozen in time, forever.

I feel my most confident when I’m behind a camera, creating breathtaking images that I know my clients will cherish for a lifetime, but like most people, I freeze up a bit when a camera is pointing back at me. I get that it can be intimidating to be photographed and I aim to consciously make it as natural and easy as possible. My naturally calm demeanor and years of experience have allowed me to develop a process to create dynamic, yet natural portraits while making the whole experience fun for my subjects.

I will guide you through
my unique process so you'll feel relaxed and at your most confident
each step of the way.

To me, photography is a powerful way to tell stories, express emotion, and document moments. While I’m always striving to create unique, beautiful images, telling authentic stories through photographs is what drives my passion to create. I approach every assignment as a challenge to shape a narrative, express genuine feelings, and record both large and small details. I have an unending drive to grow, learn, and improve my craft. This allows me to always try new approaches and create unique images for my clients. Between the creative outlet photography affords me, and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment when I read positive reviews, I truly can't imagine not doing this.

My Story

Kitchener Photographer, Ben Lariviere Hey, I'm Ben Lariviere (he/him). I’ve been a full-time Kitchener Photographer since 2012, specializing in Weddings and Family Portraits. I currently live in sunny Kitchener, Ontario with my hilarious wife Kat, our three fluffy, mischievous cats 😸😽😾 and our unreasonably cute and brilliant sons, Rylan & Kyden. I studied Photography at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) and I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University’s School of Image Arts.

Raised in the rural Ontario town of Baden, a short drive from Kitchener, I always had an interest in art and storytelling, but struggled, for many years, to feel like I was creative enough or skilled enough to call myself an “Artist”. It wasn't until I began to experiment with photography in high school that I felt that I had finally discovered my medium. (I can remember my photography teacher was very enthusiastic about the clarity of the fuzzy butt of a macro photo of a fly I took for class.)

While studying fine art and photography at university, I began freelancing in 2008 and taught myself how to run a small business. Shortly after graduation, I took a leap of faith into full-time photography in 2012, specializing in wedding photography and lifestyle portraiture. I truly feel so lucky to have been able to do this as a career since then.

When I'm not helping folks go from feeling awkward to having fun in front of my lens, you can find me: drinking all of the coffee, watching mindless, yet thoroughly entertaining reality TV shows, paying extra for guac, and sampling craft beers & ciders, while playing strategic board games with a small group of friends.

bride and groom kiss on metal walking bridge with blue skies
"Ben has become a friend and is a part of my life, my wife's life, and the lives of the friends and family..."

Love is All You Need

I starting dating my wife, Kat, in high school and we’ve been inseparable ever since. We got married 10 years later, in 2016, and welcomed our sons, Rylan & Kyden, to the family in 2018 and 2021. A loving relationship with my best friend and teammate through life is all I’ve ever known, for nearly half my life. And my growing family is teaching me more and more what it means to have unconditional love for the people who mean the most. These life experiences influence my work in ways I’m not even conscious of. Most of all, it reminds me of how precious every moment is and important it is to record your cherished memories.

ben lariviere with his family - photo by carly kratzer

Values & Inclusivity

Ben Lariviere Photography has always been and will always be an inclusive space for all. In both my business and in my personal life, I'm committed to always being accepting and respectful to all others, including clients, subcontractors, and colleagues, no matter their race, religion, how they identify, or who they love. Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable, including unequal treatment based on age, ethnicity, disabilities, or body type. I stand up to injustice & bigotry and I will only support, partner with, and recommend other businesses who share those same values; including my second photographers, businesses with which I share images, etc. Ben Lariviere Photography is a safe space and all are welcome.


Professional Memberships

Weddings are my jam!

It's hard to express how much I love photographing weddings. What's more magical than a day all about celebrating the love and partnership between two people and the coming together of their families and friends? As a photographer who is passionate about capturing authentic, emotional, and candid moments, the overwhelming emotion and celebration of a wedding day is perfect for me to do what I love most. If you're planning a wedding, discover more about how my unique approach will help create the very best wedding photography experience.

Kitchener Photographer Ben Lariviere