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Relive your irreplaceable memories for a lifetime.

To me, wedding photography is more than capturing a few nice photos of a special day. It’s about quickly immersing myself into a couple’s closest friends and family, being there for the big important moments and the ones in between to authentically represent not only how those moments looked, but how they FELT. I want you to be able to look back on your wedding photos in 50 years and immediately be transported back into those moments and relive the smiles, laughter and tears. By being calm, quiet and unobtrusive, I can capture moments as they happen and by interacting with you and your closest humans, I aim to make every “posed” photo a genuine interaction. Put your trust in a wedding photographer with over a decade of experience, who you feel comfortable with and who aims to create beautiful, timeless and authentic images for you to cherish for a lifetime. I can’t wait to create photo magic with you.

My Unique Process

Once your wedding is over, there's no doubt that you'll want to remember your wedding day fondly, for a lifetime. Wedding photos that feel authentic to your experience are truly immersive. The problem is that people often tense up when they're in front of a camera. You might feel awkward or self-conscious because you've had previous bad experiences with getting your picture taken - I know I have.

But I believe that being photographed can and should be a FUN experience that enhances your wedding day, rather than takes away from it. I understand that it's not always easy to relax in front of a camera, which is why I create a stress-free wedding photography experience that allows me to capture moments of real interactions and genuine joy.

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I'm a calm presence.


I naturally set a calm tone. My chill helps others to feel safe, relaxed, and less stressed. I can also take control and direct a group through a photo session without ever coming across controlling. It's a gift.

Candid is king.


During a wedding day, I focus a lot of my time and energy into capturing true candid moments that unfold naturally without intervention. There's a certain magic to unposed photos that just can't be achieved in a manufactured moment.

Human connection is vital.


Posed photos can feel stiff and awkward, so I will help you to connect with others by feeding you fun questions and prompts that will encourage genuine smiles and a real interaction with your favourite people.

Wedding Photography Packages

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Every wedding is unique, which is why I make it easy to customize your wedding photography to fit your special day perfectly.

To get the most out of your experience, you can add extras like an engagement session, and hardcover wedding albums. (Keep scrolling to know more about those.)

Wedding Photography Pricing

Weddings start at $2200

Minimum wedding photography coverage is 4 hours. Most couples spend between $3,000-4,000 on a full-day wedding photography package.

I'd love to talk through detailed pricing with you. Click the button below to get started.

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Wedding Albums

"We got our album! Thank you so much, it is absolutely perfect! Amazing quality, as always. Thank you again for everything - we couldn’t be more happy with how everything turned out. I still tear up looking through all of our photos."


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After your engagement photo session, you’ll feel relaxed and confident to be in front of the camera. By the time your wedding day rolls around, your photos will all feel natural and look beautiful because you’ve had practice.

"My husband & I went into our engagement photos feeling nervous, but because of Ben's skilled direction and calm presence, we had such a fun time and it all felt very natural."

Natalie & Mike


Perpetually queried conundrums

I’m very confident to capture the timeless love, genuine joy and human connection of most weddings without the help of a second photographer. However, I haven’t yet perfected the ability to be in two places at once, so depending on the unique structure of your wedding timeline, it might work best to have a second photographer join me so that every irreplaceable memory is captured.

I’m available to travel across Canada for your event. For weddings outside of an 80km radius from Kitchener, a travel fee will apply, depending on the distance and whether or not overnight accommodations are necessary. We’ll talk more about this during your consultation.

You’ll receive at least 50-60 photos per hour of coverage – that’s basically a photo a minute! However, depending on how action-packed your wedding day is, that number could be even higher. All of the photos you receive will be edited, high-resolution JPG files delivered via a beautiful, personalized, online photo gallery that allows you to easily view, download, share and print all of your favourite memories.

I’m very conscious of how valuable and irreplaceable your wedding memories are to you, your family and friends. As the photos are captured, two copies are saved to two separate memory cards in each of my cameras, then after your wedding, I will make two more copies of your photos on my home office hard drives and SSDs. Within a few hours, another copy will be saved to a off-site cloud backup service. Until your photos are delivered to you, I ensure a copy of your photos are backed up on the original memory cards, at least 2 on-site hard drives and 1 cloud server. Data loss is very rare, but the extra effort of having multiple backups is worth ensuring the safety of your precious memories.

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Once your wedding package is booked, you can relax, knowing that your irreplaceable wedding memories will be memorialized for a lifetime. Cheers to that!

Choose a photography package that fits your special day like a designer gown, or build your own bespoke package, made perfectly just for you.

Let's find out if we're a good fit. One intentional conversation will help me to understand your unique relationship, and what takes priority on your wedding day.

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