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What’s in this wedding planning guide?

You might be asking whether or not you should bother downloading this free wedding planning guide. So here’s why I made it: when I’m your wedding photographer, I consider myself part of your wedding dream team – a group of folks rooting for the success of your day, and willing to do whatever it takes to make it a success. I want you to have every piece of knowledge you could possibly need to go to bed on the night of your wedding without a single regret.

My decade of experience as a wedding photographer has allowed me to notice patterns – little ways of approaching parts of a wedding day that either have a positive or negative effect on the overall day. Often these aren’t major decisions you’d make at the beginning of your wedding planning journey, but little details that, if paid attention to, could take your wedding from great to AMAZING!

Picture this: the parents of the bride are announced during the wedding reception, and nervously step up to the microphone. They push through their nerves and deliver the most touching speech, inspiring belly laughs and happy tears throughout the hall. They conclude their speech with a toast.
“Join me in raising a glass for health and happiness to the newlyweds!” they say, looking around for the wine glasses they were sure they brought to the lectern with them. Realizing they had nervously left their wine glasses at their table, across the room, they mime a glass in their hands to symbolically cheers the couple.

They forgot their glass at the table. Not a huge deal, but it would have gone a little more smoothly if they hadn’t. One of the tips in my guide suggests giving instructions to your MC to check in with each of the folks on the speech queue a few minutes before they’re announced to give them a heads up and remind them to bring their glass.

This is just one of the 35 actionable tips included in this wedding planning guide, that you can implement to quash even the tiniest of regrets you might find yourself having on the big day. These tips are much different from those you might hear from a wedding coordinator, for example. This is advice from the unique perspective of an experienced wedding photographer. Download the pdf to take your wedding to the next level.