Stratford Country Club Wedding

Kelsey & Scott

Stratford, Ontario | August 2018

Stratford Country Club is one of my favourite wedding venues and was the perfect setting for a beautiful wedding day for Kelsey & Scott. Stratford, Ontario is full of charming character - there's a sense of romance everywhere you look and it feels just right for a wedding. I visited both Kelsey & Scott separately, along with their side of the wedding party for getting ready photos. The bride and groom had each prepared a special wedding gift for the other to open on the morning of their wedding day. It was such a touching way to start a wedding day. There's a sense of nervous anticipation I always feel during getting ready photos. The building excitement and high emotions make for some touching moments, especially with close friends and family members. These moments are what makes the getting ready time one of my favourite parts of a wedding to photograph. I even got to spend a bit of time with their Golden Retriever pup, Harper.

Before long, we all headed over to Stratford Country Club in Stratford for a beautiful, sunny outdoor wedding ceremony. Martti Pajunen, of Always and Forever Life Celebrations officiated the ceremony. Martti's unique style of officiating a wedding ceremony brings humour and personal touches that make each couple's wedding ceremony feel extra important, but also an entertaining experience for your guests and family. Following the ceremony, a celebratory glass of champagne and family photos on the beautiful grounds of the Stratford Country Club. After that, I invited the wedding party on a short trip to Confederation Park, just across the street, for some extra photos at one of my very favourite spots in Stratford.

Kelsey & Scott are one of those couples whose love just radiates from them. You can feel it just by spending time near them. I pride myself on giving helpful direction for portraits that allow couples to feel comfortable while creating natural & romantic photos together. I'll admit that for Kelsey & Scott's newlywed portraits, it had little to do with me and a lot to do with the personalities of the bride & groom. They have a way of moving and fitting together that feels natural, romantic and looks amazing in photos - they made my job so easy. After a nice time by the waterfalls of the park, we walked back to the Country Club for the reception of delicious food and great music to begin. We had beautiful weather that evening, so guests were happy to enjoy their drinks out on the outdoor patio of the Country Club. I loved capturing the incredible celebratory energy the guests provided on the dance floor. All in all, it was an incredible wedding day, with beautiful people, in a gorgeous venue. Congrats to the Futhers!

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