Walper Hotel Wedding

Sarah & Ryan’s celebration at the Walper Hotel was a burst of vibrant energy and pure fun, perfectly mirroring the spirit of this dynamic couple and their circle of loved ones. Despite now calling Chicago home, Kitchener set the stage for an ideal wedding location. Opting for the historic charm of the Walper Hotel was a natural choice, not just for its accessibility but also for the convenience it offered with its top-notch hotel accommodations – a thoughtful touch for both out-of-town and local guests.

Renowned for its interior design, culinary delights, and status as a premier wedding venue, the Walper lived up to its reputation. Sarah & Ryan commenced their day within the Walper’s walls, sharing an intimate first look in the enchanting Oak Room. This private moment, coupled with the exchange of heartfelt letters, set the emotional tone for the day. We navigated through the Walper and downtown Kitchener for a series of couple’s, wedding party, and family photos, with Goudie’s Lane and Halls Lane providing distinctive backdrops.

Returning to the Walper Hotel, the couple swiftly transitioned into their ceremony – a concise yet sweet exchange of vows and rings. Post-ceremony, the energy soared as Sarah & Ryan, along with their lively wedding party, set the dancefloor ablaze in the Crystal Ballroom. Opting for a unique setup with a central head table, they were surrounded by guests on all sides, fostering a more inclusive celebration. The night unfolded with a delightful blend of humorous and heartfelt speeches, accompanied by the passing around of a sports trophy, a communal chalice of sorts – a quirky highlight that added to the joyous atmosphere.

Sarah & Ryan took one of my favourite tips for levelling up your wedding. They gathered everyone for a group photo on the dancefloor, which seamlessly transitioned into a packed dancefloor and a night of non-stop dancing. It was seriously SO. MUCH. FUN. To level-up your wedding with more planning tips like this, download my Free Wedding Planning Guide.

Whatever magic was in that trophy, combined with the couple’s infectious personalities, their vibrant guests, live music, and an open bar, transformed their reception into an unforgettable celebration. My gratitude extends to Sarah & Ryan and the Walper for orchestrating a wedding day that was an absolute joy to capture. These timeless memories will be cherished, and I wholeheartedly recommend the Walper Hotel as the perfect backdrop for capturing candid joy, timeless love, and genuine human connection. Cheers to the Walper Hotel – a place where history and celebration seamlessly collide!



Ben Lariviere


Leigh J Studios


Walper Hotel


Parkside Drive


Riverside Flowers


Hair By Paige Lawrence


Beauty By Sarah D

bride and groom hold hands during an emotional first look
happy elderly couple dance at wedding reception


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